At the end of this 2019 summer, the Calais Port 2015 civil
engineering teams have completed their work on bridges.

The Design and Construction Joint Venture has maintained the civil engineering teams to continue OA3, OA4 and OA7 bridges building after OA1 and OA2 required for the work to divert the port ring road have been commissioned.

Works on the bridges of the Central ridge of the future Port of Calais have been completed this summer with the OA6b unbending and the OA6a and OA5a pouring. The central ridge will be used by the port’s customers from the boat’s exit to the Ring Road or to Calais City center.

Other trades will be set up from September 2019 particularly to provide the bridges with the required safety equipment for their use.

No.1 and 7 bridge - February 2019
No.2 bridge - may 2019
No 3. bridge - january 2019
No.4 bridge - may 2019
No. 5 bridge - july 2019
No. 6 bridge - july 2019
No.7 bridge - june 2019