The latest Xblocs®


This was one of the innovations that impressed so many people visiting the Calais Port 2015 site.
After nearly 3 years in service, the Xblocs® plant manufactured its last unit.


An automated prefabrication plant was built on site to meet on time the construction of more than 16,000 Xblocs® required to protect the breakwater outer shell. This production plant was fully automated, directly connected to the concrete plant and produced about 40 Xblocs® per day. Once filled up the steel moulds were transferred to a mechanized formwork removal workshop. The stripped Xbloc® then continued to progress on the production line for 24 hours to achieve a sufficient level of drying to be handled and taken out of the factory.
On December 3rd, 2019, the last XBloc® formwork removal took place and the Calais Port 2015 plant on site was no longer used. It will be dismantled and moved to another site in the South of France.